Broken Photocopier? Quick Checks for You to Do

Your business transaction is orchestrated and everything goes well and one moment it goes poof! Your copier is broken. Can you possibly repair this ASAP or should you call photocopier repairs services? Have a quick check first, and if nothing works, then you will need to find printer repairs services.

Here are the things to check when your photocopier is not working as usual:

  1. Paper Jams

Paper jams? Check if the paper you’re using is good. Is the paper already slightly crumpled or rolled on the edges? If it is, most likely it will jam in your photocopier. Also, do not use paper that has moisture – not only does it get stuck on your machine, it can also cause more paper dust than usual. Paper dust that builds up too often can permanently get into the internal parts and damage your machine overall.

Thus, if paper gets stuck in the machine, cancel printing jobs by configuring the necessary commands in your machine (refer to machine’s manual) and turn the machine off if needed.

Check the exact spot where the jam has occurred. There should be a lid to open before you can see the actual roller of the feeder at the side of the machine, where the paper jam occurs.

Pull carefully the paper from the machine. If there are remaining fragments that are stuck, pull them away too.

Observe if there may be other fragments that still are inside the machine – check if the rollers are working smoothly as you try running the machine again, and remove particles that impede its functioning.

  1. Lack of Maintenance

Have you cleaned the machine lately? As you inspect for possible obstacles in your machine for its proper functioning, check as well if the parts that are usually accumulated with dust and ink are cleaned well. Use cloth to wipe different surfaces. Check the cleaning instructions from your manufacturer to properly clean your machine. Meanwhile, cleaning should be a regular routine, so if it is only by now that you’ve decided to clean the photocopier, then it may be too late for a remedy.

  1. Other issues and remedies

Did the machine come to a halt for no reason? The following are also the most likely causes that your photocopier is not running as desired:

Machine just needs to be restarted to clear the system’s errors and be refreshed. Try turning off and unplugging the machine, wait for about 10 or more seconds, then plug and run the machine again.

Ink is running low. Check manufacturer’s warning signs for this. (On expiration: Take note also that printer ink does not really expire so don’t think that ink won’t work. Expiration date you find on the ink’s packaging, may serve only as a warning, so no need to throw the ink right away. Make sure that ink is sealed properly in cool temperature though. Ink dries out when it is really expired.)

Toner cartridge or its drum needs to be replaced. Toner catridges have their expiration dates after some years of use. To maximize the use of an expired catridge, shake it sideways, and then try printing again. A contaminated cartridge, on the other hand, is another thing; cartridge will need to be replaced. Another thing is the drum that is in the catridge; the drum may need to be replaced each year. Look up for the signs indicated by the manufacturer on when the drum needs to be replaced.

The machine was moved roughly or the parts were slammed or underwent some form of shock that caused trauma to the internal parts. This will cause to more complicated and unexplainable issues for the photocopier and thus you would need a photocopier repair service to fix it.

Meanwhile, there are some function halts that may be unexplainable for an ordinary user. For example, the print outs have abnormal dark or light spots, or that the printouts come out entirely different. You may also hear unusual noises or that the machine heats up.

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