10 Rules for Firearms Safety

Firearms are great defensive weapons, but they can be a source of unnecessary accidents when you’re not being careful while handling it. It is, therefore, important to take up a firearms safety course if you must deal with their use. Even when you use firearms for your personal safety and security, it is important to take a course to ensure that you do not end up harming yourself or others.

Below are some of the most important rules that you will learn in a firearms safety course:

1. Always perform a safety check. It is the number one rule when taught during firearms safety course – always unload the gun when you are not using it. But as a safety precaution, you should always assume that a gun is loaded when you lift it up. This will prompt you to perform a safety check prior to handling to ensure there are no accidental firing.

2. Always be aware of where the gun is pointed. There are instances wherein you might overlook the second rule and handle a gun that is loaded. The worst case scenario is that the gun fires while you are holding it. Therefore, you should never point a gun towards something that you are not ready to destroy. Moreover, you should never point it towards another human being.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger. This is another vital rule to keep in mind that is emphasised in a firearms safety course. Never place your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

4. Don’t rely on the gun’s safety. Even when the safety feature is incorporated into the gun’s design to protect you from accidental firing, you should not really on it entirely. Mechanical errors could happen and that is when disaster comes as a result.

5. Be aware of what is behind your target. When you are target shooting, always be aware of what is behind your target as bullets can go through its intended target. Do not shoot your gun until all is cleared.

6. Study the mechanical features of the specific gun you are using. Each type of weapon is unique; therefore, it also requires different handling requirements.

7. Use proper ammunition. Like the mechanical needs and handling requirements, the type of ammunition to be used for a certain type of weapon will also vary. Make sure you know the difference.

8. Have your gun serviced regularly. This is an important step to preventing unwanted mechanical errors that could result in unfortunate accidents involving your gun.

9. Always wear eye and ear protection. The sound produced by firing a gunshot can damage your sense of hearing. Meanwhile, shooting a gun could release paraffin powder that can damage your eyesight.

10. Do not alter or modify your gun. Unless you are a trained firearms expert or completed a safety course for firearms, you should never do anything to change your gun on your own.

When it comes to firearms safety, you should not take the issue lightly. While this weapon might be designed to protect you from harm, make sure it does not turn into a harmful weapon that can inflict harm on unsuspecting individuals. Check Asset Training Australia for more details.

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