Not Getting All You Want From Your Kitchen? Take These Steps to Remodel It

Has your kitchen lost the ambiance it once had? It is sign that you should revamp it. A good kitchen, with the right atmosphere, will encourage you to make delicious meals for your family. Remodeling your kitchen should not been a one week thing – you should devote significant time in evaluating your needs and researching new kitchen designs that will fit you well. This will involve collecting photos of new kitchens Melbourne designers have provided, checking out new appliances in the market and finding a competent kitchen designer to help you complete the project.

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These five steps should steer you in the right direction to getting your new kitchen look.

Step 1: Consider your needs

This step is all about the functionality of your kitchen. This is the step where you determine the features that will fit your needs or lifestyle. You may think about the number of people who’ll be using the space. Is the existing footprint enough or do you need an addition? You can gather ideas of the kind of style you want from magazines, books and the internet. There also many showrooms of kitchens Melbourne offers, and you may visit a few of them to grasp an idea. Make sure you save photos of these designs so that you don’t forget.

Step 2: Plan

Once you have an idea of what you want, the next step is to formulate a plan or a scope of work. This is also the step where you prepare a preliminary budget. The scope and the budget are subject to change in the course of the project so you shouldn’t feel obliged to make them perfectly.

Step 3: Get a professional kitchen designer

Even if you’re carrying out a DIY project, you’ll need to hire a professional at some point in the project. It could be a salesperson to help you select quality appliances or a plumber to cater for the plumbing system. But, it is important to note that the best Melbourne kitchens are done with the help of kitchen designers. A professional kitchens Melbourne designer will help you with a lot of things including selecting and ordering materials, planning, preparing the budget and managing the project from the beginning to the end. The best way to get a good designer is through referrals from family members, colleagues and friends.

Step 4: Get a schematic design and specifications of fixtures

Your kitchen designer can help you get a preliminary layout of the space, mostly a sketch. This step also involves determining the materials that will be required in terms of square feet. It is also the ideal time to make your final selection on fixtures and finishes. These include appliances, lighting fixtures, benchtops, flooring, ceiling material, cabinetry finishes and decorative hardware.

Step 5: Get ready for the construction

This is the last step towards the actual construction. It involved moving out furniture and setting up a temporary kitchen. You might want to discuss the logistics of the project with the contractor. For instance, will you need to move your family out of the house at certain stages like during demo and flooring? Getting this information before hand will ensure the smooth running of the project.

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