What Does Hiring A Funeral Director In Mandurah Entail?

Hiring a funeral director is like hiring your personal assistant. The funeral director is going to be dealing with very sensitive issues including financial matters. But finding a good funeral director is easier said than done. A quick search through the internet will give a good list of funeral directors in Mandurah (if you’re in our locality in Australia). The local yellow pages and papers will also give you countless names of funeral directors.

Obtaining the list is a good step, but the work is not over yet. You need to select one funeral director from the list who’s not only professional and reputable, but also the best fit for your event. Below are a few tips to steer you through the process of hiring a good funeral director.

Understand what funeral directors do

It is imperative to understand why you need to hire a funeral director in the first place. In other words, understand the roles that the funeral director is going to play. Although funeral directors provide a wide range of services, ensure that the one you hire is able to carry out all the tasks you need. Here are some of the roles performed by funeral directors.

Arrange for the transport of the body from home or hospital to the funeral home, and ensure it is well preserved

Give advice on funeral arrangements

Assist with legal issues as well as acquisition of necessary documents

Liaise with the caterer, clergy, florist and other service providers

Organize for notices and invite guests

Conduct the funeral and after-service reception

Qualities to look out for in a good funeral director

Once you have a short list of the candidates based on the services they offer, next is to check their personal and professional qualities. While many funeral directors in Mandurah are similar in the services they provide, they differ in the qualities they possess. In fact, your decision should be majorly influenced by qualities. Here are the qualities to look for:

Have a state license and are ready to produce it on request

Provide quote with a breakdown of all the costs

Should be good in grief counseling

Have a good network of coffin providers, florists, vehicle hire companies, photographers and caterers

Excellent oral and written communication

Possesses empathy, tact and sensitivity

Good interpersonal skills

Has the ability to remain composed and calm under stressful situations

Has flexibility to work extended hours – evenings and weekends

Has organizational and practical skills

They should have physical strength since they’ll be required to handle things manually sometimes

They should be well groomed

Experience – an experienced funeral director is likely to organize the desired event

You may obtain some of this information from the websites of the various funeral directors. Narrow down your list further to three or four funeral directors. To decide who takes on the job you might want to conduct interviews. When conducting the interviews make sure you get the directors’ full profile, list of services offered, quote and references. By the time you are through with this process you should be having one of the best funeral directors in Mandurah by your side.

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